Problem: Astronauts are experiencing menu fatigue from having eaten endless packets of similar thermostabilized, snack and freeze dried foods for over 20 years. Better meal options are needed to support space tourism, LEO operations, long space journeys and habitation outposts.

Typical daily food types on the ISS

Solution: Ascent has developed the SATED cooking appliance (Safe Appliance-Tidy-Efficient-Delicious) that can cleanly bake, fry and simmer delicious foods in zero and low-gravity. SATED is intrinsically fire and smoke safe for use in closed environments. Astronauts will no longer miss out on the pleasures of creating, cooking and serving their own delicious food creations.

Space station galley

About: Ascent Technology is a boutique research and development firm in Boulder, Colorado.

Technology: Worldwide patents pending. – ISS SSP 51721 Baseline safety compatible.

Displayed dishes: Pepperoni pizza, Peach cobbler, Shepherd’s pie, Vegetable and cheese crisp bread.