Ascent Technology

SATED enables astronauts to custom create fresh meal entrees based on nutritious and long-lasting food ingredients.

Home Cooking Anywhere

SATED (Safe, Tidy, Efficient and Delicious) is a patent protected cooking appliance that operates in Zero-G as well as Lunar, Mars and Earth gravity levels. SATED utilizes a precisely heated tubular cooking rotor that food ingredients are sequenced into. The rotor is spun on its axis to create inner artificial gravity forces that press food ingredients into conductive thermal contact with the safely heated inner surface. After cooking operations, the cylinder is stopped and the cooked creation is drawn out from the rotor.

Fresh sausage, mushroom and bell pepper pizza with tangy tomato sauce and a crispy cheese crust. Pizza like this, or your own special favorite, can be easily made even millions of miles from earth and years into a mission.

Fresh tomato, chive, mushroom, egg and spice quiche with cheesy wheat crust. Full of protein, fats, vitamins, carbs, texture and flavor.

Ghirardelli dark chocolate chip brownie with LED decoration for celebrating a birthday, or perhaps just a dazzling day in space.

Crispy Persian crispy rice Tahdig with toasted pine nuts, saffron and slow simmered rice for out of this world salivation in zero-G.

Space crews and explorers will relish fresh healthy foods, creative culinary expression and community with every shared meal. On the ground, everyone from students to politicians will understand the reality of commercializing space where anyone will still be able to savor their own personal favorites from home.

  1. SATED stands for:


  1. Intrinsically limited maximum cooking temperatures cannot burn or smoke ingredients. ISS-SSP 51721
  2. Touch screen indicator shows when ingredients are Pasteurized for use with in-situ farmed ingredients.


  1. Temperature limits never carbonizes residues so that cooker requires only damp towel for cleanup.
  2. Companion Downflow preparation and eating station (not shown) captures floating particulates.


  1. Foods shown average 350 grams and require 120 watt-hours to produce.
  2. Boiling 100 ml of water to steam requires 92 watt-hours equaling 68% thermal efficiency


  1. Able to fry, boil, simmer, bake, mix, layer, weigh and toast food ingredients.
  2. Flavor reactions: Maillard reaction, protein binding, gelatinization, cell rupture and caramelization.

About: Ascent Technology LLC of Boulder, Colorado performs R&D in support of spacefaring. SATED’s mission is to provide comfort, creative expression and community to travelers, crews and explorers of space.